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Life Under Pandemic

Md. Iqbal Hossain | N/A, Bangladesh

Organization: Rays & Days


Covid19 restricted to travel, close schools, businesses, and set limits on public gatherings but life does not stop. It goes as of its own style. I try to capture few of moment of where life not always slow and painful trough my naked lense.

All greadits goes to the children who passing their suffering lifes with joy through many ways.

My dream of becoming a journalist dates back to my childhood. Even as a youngster, I was curious about the world around me and I like freedom. I was attracted to the idea because a journalist can talk to people in all stations of life and be exposed to many Ideas.  As I grew older, the work attracted me even more as I realized journalists might be the people closest to the truth and reality. They play a vital role in helping others know the world in which they live and contribute to the enlightenment of society. My dream came closer to fulfillment in 2015 when I got admit in Alliance Franciase De Dhaka and enrolled for a photography program, ranked one of the best learning and cultural institute. While my time out there I learned about subjects such as print production and Photography, Reporting, Editing, Journalism and Public Opinion, and Ethics and Global Journalism. I worked as a Photographer in My Country My People a photography magazine, Camera Owner Magazine. Also now I do work in Photographic Society of America-PSA as a TOPS Photojournalism Department as a PJD Director. I chose it because I wanted to polish my skills in Journalism, and more importantly, to practice what I had learned during my diploma of photography study. I was deeply impressed by their balanced angles, their thorough research, and their courage to criticize. This working experience has turned me from a shy boy into an open-minded photographer. 

I always use Sony a7R Camera and 35mm prime lense in all situations.

Its a Personal project created by my Agency

Md. Iqbal Hossain

House 28/A, Road-5, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

Mobile: +8801730580466

Email: iqbalphotoexp@gmail.com

Website: iqbalhossain.me



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