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The Chhath Puja Festival and Rituals of the Evening Offering Prayers

Mihir Ranjan | JHARKHAND, India

Organization: http://mihirranjanphotography.com/

Date: 13th November 2018.Chhath Puja Festival,Kuju River,Chaibasa, Jharkhand, India.

A group of devotees worship the God Sun, in the river, at Chhath Puja. The Chhath Puja is one of largest Hindu festivals in Northern India. These rituals are known as The Sandhya Arghya (An evening offering to God Sun).

13th November 2018,Kuju River,Chaibasa, Jharkhand, India.

During the 2018 Chhath Puja Festival, devotees make evening offerings (Arghay) to the setting sun, at the bank of Kuju River Chaibasa, Jharkhand, India. Throughout the four-days of Chhath, the most popular festival in Jharkhand, many rituals are done. One of them is ‘Arghya’. In this ritual, devotees make offerings (Arghya) to the God Sun in rivers, ponds, or clear water bodies, on the evening of the third day. On the eve of Chhath, evening offerings are made (Sandhya Arghya) to the setting sun. On the final day of Chhath festival, devotees, along with family and friends, go to the riverbank before sunrise, to make the morning offerings (Usha Arghya) to the rising sun. According to a source, Chhath is an ancient Hindu Vedic festival of India. The festival is historically native to eastern Uttar Pradesh, North Bihar of India and Mithila State of Nepal. The Chhath festival is dedicated to the Sun God and his wife Usha (dawn).


I covered the Chhath Puja Festival on November 13th, 2018 at Kuju River, Chaibasa, Jharkhand, India.

During the Chhath puja festival, I tried to capture moments of the evening offering rituals (Arghay) and sincere moments of the devotees. 

Time of covarage: 4 P.M. to 5.15 P.M

Date: 13-11-2018

Place: Kuju River,Chaibasa, Jharkhand, India


Photographer: Mihir Ranjan

Mihir Ranjan Photography, Near Newatia Factory, New Colony Tungri Rd, Matkamhatu, Chaibasa, Jharkhand 833201

Mob No:+918969197382

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