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Other Worlds

Moussa Kalapo | Bamako, Mali

Organization: African Sun Center

The place where young Saba works to survive

Other World

A story of resilience and intelligence. Often times reduced to migration levels. An exchange between two friends and their environment. The quest for crossing over into the other world, imagined or real. The story expresses anxieties out side the parameters of spectacle.

A stretched still-life creates a sense of a shared stage. The dream about moving becomes mute and irrelevant. The living is present.

© Moussa John Kalapo

Me, Moussa Kalapo, declares to be the author of his photographs

Market Photo Workshop

No affiliated NGO

Moussa John Kalapo
Visual Artist
Archiviste au projet Mali-Archive Photo​
Samè Pres du CSCOM, Rue 343 porte 464 Bamako, Mali
Contact Mobile: +00223 76 92 55 41/ 66 08 68 85   Bp: 6076
Twitter: @kalapo_moussa
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnkalapo/

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