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Mask the new Norm

Nazmul Hassan Shanji | Bangladesh

A nursing mother was taking care of her new born baby wearing mask who were living in Korail slum in Dhaka city.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it and the rate of infection is still rising in some countries with lots of sufferings. Many countries are starting to reopen businesses, public areas, transport and more. Until a safe, effective coronavirus vaccine is available, there will continue to be a risk of infection, even people get back to a normal life.

Masks can reduce the chance of droplets from the nose or mouth touching a surface or another human being, and vice versa. But it is more important to wear a mask effectively and handle it thoughtfully rather than wear it in a wrong way and without change it or wash it on time. In Bangladesh population density is high enough and many people are still in the crisis of their daily basic needs, fighting with poverty and has less knowledge of mask so it is difficult for them to arrange proper mask and maintaining safety measurements of the mask. So the question arises, how capable we are so far to uphold this new normal and in what level we are in now to maintain this new normal?

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