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Tourism: Nigeria's Next Goldmine

Olalekan Adede6 | Nigeria

Transform point of no return badagry

This means hotel companies come and spend millions of dollars to pay the government of Nigeria for permits to build, they pay construction workers to build the hotels, and they give jobs to people who run the hotels. Once you're off the plane, you pay the hotels and you spend money to go sightseeing. This pays the salaries of tour guides, boat captains, cab drivers etc. Also you'll likely be buying meals and going out for drinks or entertainment or buying souvenirs, all of which give money to the people of Nigeria. So, in essence, in almost any country, tourism is a welcome boost to the country's economy, but especially in countries where there is a high level of poverty and a slow job market, tourism.Benefits of tourism include Economic development through tourism earning, promotion of concerned area and open it up for business, job creations such as tour guide, photographers, videographer, drivers, etc. Tourism also serves as leisure, business, and education and allow culture integration of every tourist.

My photograph celebrate the splendor and variety of the natural and human heritage of planet earth and try to convey it to the viewer, in a visually beautiful form, the emotions in some special places.

Before I begin photography, a subject, I try to imagine how I would like to appear in the final image. I will start by making an image with this in my mind, but I rarely will it become one of my favorite pictures of the subject.

As I photograph, I will experiment and try to capture the subject from multiple perspectives and with different lighting conditions. I will often return to a subject several times am satisfied with the result.

My goal as a photographer is to capture both the nature of the subject and my personal point of view.

I am not trying to solely document the scene but rather I am trying to permanently record the particular aspect or quality of the subject that I find interesting.

….Photography is very important to me….

Facebook @lordsidekek

Twitter @stylomedia

Instagram @stylomedia1

Adedeji Olalekan a highly competent professional Photographer with a proven track record in documentary, events, press shots and products shots. He has a strong technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills enabling him to interact with a wide range of clients.

Highly organized, dedicated and diplomatic graphics designer, Olalekan possess strong creative and artistic skills with a talent for thinking outside the box and without the box coming up with innovative ideas and designs. A graduate of Graphics & Printing technology from the Polytechnic Ibadan and subsequently have over five years working experience in Photography and Designs industry. He prides himself in providing excellent services to all stakeholders and seeing the positives impact he makes in people’s lives and business.

A professional, ambitious and highly skilled camera operator able to use wide range of technical equipment, he has extensive experience working on a number of photography projects, demonstrating an ability to follow artistic direction and physical ability required on a professional production set.

Olalekan has a clear logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and drive to see things through to completion. He has more than 5 years experience in managing and leading teams across multiple sectors, eager to learn and enjoy overcoming challenges with a genuine interest general management and making organization successful. Also a student of Nlele Institute Lagos under Uche Okpa (The International Acclaimed artist and curator).

A dedicated organized and methodical individual, Olalekan has good interpersonal skills an excellent team worker, and keen and very willing to learn and develop new skills. A reliable and dependable and often serve new responsibilities within a wide range of employment areas. He has an active dynamics approach to work and getting things done. He is determined and decisive, also indentifies and develop opportunities. He also understand the unique needs of each coverage and ensuring that the requirements of all stakeholders are effectively aligned and fulfilled.

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