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Immigrant Song

Pierre-Yves Linot | United States.

Immigrant Song #129 - Portrait of María from El Salvador

This work, ''Immigrant Song,'' questions what it means to be uprooted.

During Trump's administration, the inhumanity of the United States policy against immigrants has aroused my anger. As an immigrant to this country myself, it has inspired me to create this project.

I invite immigrants living around me to tell their story in four images: a portrait of them; a style life of an object they brought from their country; an arrangement they make with four stones; and a text they write in their own hand.

Through this work, I'm interested in what immigrants leave behind them, what they face when they arrive in a new country, and how they feel about that.

I photograph my portraits with a plastic lens that lacks definition to transcribe visually some of the loss of identity that immigrants face when they settle in a new country. My images are printed using an alternative process transfer to watercolor paper. This technique symbolizes the movement from one country to another and from one life to another.

Pierre-Yves Linot is a French-born New York-based photographer.
His interest in social justice led him to create “Immigrant Song,” a project in response to the inhumanity of Trump's immigration policies. Using an alternative process, he transfers his portraits of immigrants and still lifes to silkscreen paper.

In 2010, Pierre-Yves moved to New York, where he completed his self-taught education at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts.

His work has been exhibited in New York at Foley Gallery, The Paxall Gallery, Soho Photo Gallery, Orton Davis Gallery, and the School of Visual Arts, as well as in Los Angeles, Paris, and Madrid.

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