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Visual Tales from Omo Valley!

Rana Al-Hassanein and Olivier Onezime | Ethiopia

Goddess of Omo Valley

Photography by: Olivier Onezime 

Curation and Writing by: Rana Al-Hassanein 

The content of this photo story does not only reflect the culture and heritage of Omo Valley's tribes. The story is captured through the eyes of a foreigner in search for home. 

The photographer ceases every opportuinity to escape the fast pacing developed world and only finds peace when exploring the traditions, rituals and heritage of communities that still cherishes the simplicity of living and isolated from the toxic temptation of the modern world. 

Olivier Onezime is French archaelogist, topographer and travel photographer based in Egypt. Having spent 23 years of his life in Africa between Gabon, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia and Egypt. It's fair to say that he is deeply connected to Africa or as he calls it "Home away from home" 


Rana Al-Hassanein is an Egyptian author, slam poet and photographer who has worked on various cultural projects that tackle the fine line between developing Africa and saving the culture, identity and heritage.

I have always been a foreigner even in my home country, France. I grew up between Africa and Carribean and now as I am based in Egypt, it's hard to identify a home.

There are advantages of growing up and living in different cultures, however, there is always a yearning for home, I believe this is why the content of my work is fueled by passion and human centered experiences to reflect a deeper insigh into the daily lives of people, the rituals and traditions and often the simple details, movements that hopefully provides images of communities within their comfort zone, their home. 

What is the definition of home is what I seek in my photography. 

Instagram: @olivieronezime 

E-mail: olivier.onezime@gmail.com


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