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Maternal Forces

Rehab Eldalil | Egypt

As economy drops; in rural villages south of Egypt women as young as 14 are recruited for human trafficking and prostitution to provide a better life for their families. Women are sold –usually multiple times– in a form of unregistered marriages to men from Arab countries (Saudi, Jordan, Dubai..etc). Many of them as young girls weren’t told of the nature of their illegal marriages until the night of their departure. Some get divorced after few weeks then restart the cycle, others become hostages in the mercy of their “client” forced to work as house-maids or prostitutes facing abuse never to return back home. But some women strive to survive their ordeal taking the courageous choice to escape the never-ending tragedy.

The story depicts the life of the women trying to make it on their own and start a new life for themselves and their children with the help of a local organisation supported by Drosos Foundation.

Throughout the past two years, I've been collecting stories of strong Egyptian women from all around the country. These women have faced the harshest of adversities; from being forced into prostitution, domestic abuse to being relocated into remote cities. Nevertheless, the women fight for their survival and protection of their young. As I interview each woman in these stories, they've got a fight to tell and a motivation to survive, their motivation is always their children. To create a better life for their children and break the cycle of social injustice. Their maternal instincts has created a powerful force against adversity. These are some of the stories. 

Drosos Foundation 

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