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Rakher Upobash in the time of Corona

Sumsun Naher | Bangladesh


“Rakher Upobash” or Kartik brot” is a worshipping ritual, which is organized every year in the different branches of Sree Lucknath Brahmacharya’s sanctuary. Baba Lucknath was a 18 th century devout Hindu saint and a philosopher.

During the last fifteen days of the Bengali month Karthik; in remembrance of Baba Lucknath, and for ensuring the continued prosperity of the near and dear ones of the people who gather for the prayer on every Saturday and Tuesday.The believers go through day long fasting . A separate, dedicated lamp is lit for each dear one. In the evening, all the lamps are lit simultaneously, and the ritual commences. A strange, enchanting tune and mesmerizing light bathe the entire sanctuary terrace with an out worldly beauty, and brings serenity to everyone present.

Due to the Corona pandemic, this year the attendance was much lighter than past years, but still, many believers from home and abroad have attended  wearing protective masks. Despite of the fear of virus infection, huge turnout  remind us about the inspirational impact of religion on people’s lives.


I take photos. I never thought why. One thing pretty sure that I love to shoot.  I feel so empowered when I have a camera on my hand. I feel the peace.

I feel my connection with nature. I believe people are the best part of it. Without live nature is incomplete. So beautiful face I find into the nature and serenity I took them with my camera. I love to take the loneliness or aloneness within the chaos, into the wild. Different places has different kind of culture and ethnicity. I love to see them, portrait them and want to remain as they are. I know the harsh realities of life and  that is also a part of my interest.Moreover I love the emotional part, connection between people. 

I have studied  Basic Photography from Dhaka Photographic Institute and  Foundation course from "Pathshala South Asian Media institute."  Currently I am doing Documentary Photography Courses Under a mentorship program .

Contact -01819945637 




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