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Pandemic in Focus

Invisible War

Syed Mahamudur Rahman | Bangladesh

A high angel view of a flyover , which is considered as one of the busiest road in the city, Jatrabari, Dhaka.

The COVID-19 pandemic is defined as a global health crisis and the greatest challenge for humankind among the world. Since it emerged in Wuhan, China late last year, it spread almost every country including Bangladesh. To prevent the spread of the virus Government declared a month-long lockdown, which turned into a devastating socio-economical crisis. In the world’s most densely populated city in Dhaka, a huge number of people live under the poverty line. The government took initiative to serve relief to the poor but the inequality and corruption in relief distribution made poor more sufferer. Dhaka’s streets became deserted, no one comes out from home without any emergency purpose. It turns into an unknown city within just few days. Almost everything was shut down. People became jobless, many could not able to pay home rent and left the city forever. My job is to document whats happening around me, i have captured the situation during the lockdown in Dhaka with images.

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