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The Ontario Livestock Yards

Ted Ostrowski | Canada

The board that controls the gates

I left school in the 10th grade, being sent from one high school to the next several times in a couple years left me disillusioned as a young man. One day I simply did not go. I suppose I quit. Living at home at the time my parents gave me 2 options if I wanted to continue living at home, go back to school or work. I found a job at the Ontario Livestock Yards with a Commission firm. Gamble & Rogers. For the next year I worked with livestock at various auction rings at the yards. A city boy in a rural environment and a camera at the ready. This is a bit of forgotten history. The stockyards are long gone but name remains as a place of commerce with a host of big box stores and fast food outlets in the same area and is still known as the Stockyards.

Looking back, I was little more than a kid with a camera, it was an appendage to me, but the seeds had been planted, documentary photography began to grow in me and became a vocation, an obscure one at best, but still, a vocation. 


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