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The boarding school saves young girls from sex-trafficking

Vidhyaa chandramohan | Simraha, Bihar, India

"Neeta Kumari getting ready for school

Neeta Kumari 13, spending her time with her friends at boarding school, this school keep the girls safe and away from home-based brothels that they were growing up in, otherwise, they would join their mothers and grandmothers in prostitution at, Simraha, Bihar, India, on 25 November 2018.

The Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya boarding school saves young girls from sex trafficking at Simraha, Bihar, India. These girls are daughters of prostitutes and from very marginalized low caste Nat community, are getting an education to break system of hereditary prostitution, education helps them to break the awful cycle of sex-trafficking, which is managed by Apne Aap NGO and supported by Bihar Government. The school keeps the girls safe, provide education and away from the home-based brothels that they were growing up in, otherwise, they would join their mothers in prostitution.

Due to poverty mostly in underdeveloped villages like Simraha in India , are lured to India’s towns and cities each year by traffickers who promise good jobs, but sell them into modern-day slavery, the young girls life end up with child marriage or trafficked, thousands of young girls in India and Nepal are sold for sex and imprisoned in urban brothels in Kolkata, New Delhi, and Bombay.



When I read news regarding this school, I was so surprised and excited to visit the boarding school, I planned a trip to Bihar from Abu Dhabi. Through this project many will come to know about this school. Hope some may help them, India is going through an upsurge of sexual violence against girls, in this situation happy to see some of the girls escaped from the modern sex slavery and the first generation in their family getting right education which definitely helps them to understand both their legal and human rights and they can able to make good decisions and keep themselves safe and stay away from traffickers. Happy to present my work to the world.


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