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Joy and Confrontation Four Years at the Gay Pride Parades in New York City

marc gordon | New York, United States

Women from LA at the 2015 Gay Pride parade in New York City. In 2015, the year that Gay marriage was legalized in the United States, people came from all over to New York City to celebrate. The women show a confident happiness that characterized the 2015 parade.

Joy and Confrontation

These photos attempt to capture the spirit of the Gay Pride parades in New York City in the years since gay marriage was legalized in the United States. The collection begins with portraits of people encountered in the streets around the parades. The joyful atmosphere is challenged by Christian demonstrators displaying offensive and provocative signs who came to condemn homosexuality and warn of divine retribution. Reactions range from mockery to dancing, heated argument, lewd gestures, outrage, and anger. I am grateful to have spent time with these young gay people and to have had the chance to photograph them.

Marc Gordon


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