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Unidentified Landscapes

michael busse | Belgium

These are 24 images of an unidentifiable landscape of houses, housing projects, logistic centers, container terminals, expressways and a bit of beach. It’s a landscape of quick money and profitability.

“Unidentified Landscapes” is a portrayal in 24 frames of the journey through a city in smithereens with fragmented illusions of nature. These are “Anamorphoses”, distorted images of a disintegrating world, where perspectives begin to shift and where a fascination with ugliness and an aversion to a coastline dedicated to land and real estate speculation stand cheek by jowl. The eye of the camera fixates on the banal and discovers a decor of destruction, the accelerating ravages of a place where everything is subject to commercial exploitation. Against this backdrop of concern with pure profitability, people move about like tolerated guests. As mute consumers, they have succumbed to the dictates of profitability.

Michael Busse

Joachim-Friedrich-Str. 8

D-10711 Berlin

+49 172 87 11 324


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