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people and places

sulayman afose | Lagos, Nigeria

Organization: african slum society associations fund


 From sulayman Afose Sulayman Afose Senayon, Lagos (Nigeria), 1990. Graduated from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism and major in  Photography in  (put the year you graduated here)  he is currently studying Visual art at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. Sulayman has participated in different workshops organized in Lagos and is deeply committed to supporting his community (Makoko) through his work by providing and generating content for the Lagosian NGO Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries since 2013. 

His influences come from his double origins of the ancient art practices in Nigeria and the magical spirit of Benin. This knowledge and flexibility made him collaborate with photography artists from around the world like Cristina De Middel from Magnum agency in NYC,Bruno Morais from Brasil and the journalist Caelainn Hogan. Sulayman is the founder of the African Slum Society Associations Fund (ASSAF) who strongly believes that young people can and should serve as positive change agents in the society through leadership skills andcommitment to community service. and the Makoko Photography Initiative(MPI) that brings photography as a tool for integration and learning to the young talents of the famous Lagosian neighborhood. He was alsoselected as the Young Upcoming Photojournalist in 2014 by the AfricanArtist Foundation and was a finalist at the Etisalat Photography competition in 2013.His work was part of the Inside Africa Project on CNN in 2014 and also included in ''Christmas Story in Nigeria'' with the reknowned photojournalist George Osodi, but he has also been published in Lagos Under the Prism Magazine, 6MOIS Magazine, Camera Austria and theonline versions of CNN and the New York Times.

Artist statement
 People and places
 My work Explore human race and culture. The scene of life in the human race are varied in style, relations and  cultures. All these seemed to have different opinions based on the race and their emotive power in their  communities. Since the poor and citizens often become socio-political critics of government and was quite a contrast to the the religious right’s laying emphasis on individual and legislatives moral change. Ever since my grandmother passed away in Dahomey in republic Benin created an unrelenting divergence of the human condition and got me fascinated to understand the beauty of being white or black race in this modern structures. Having a formative background in dance and art history of my ancestors as a slave migrant from republic of Benin to Nigeria influenced my work as a photographer over years of my career. I try with every of my work in photographs and performance to breathe life back into a long forgotten culture so that its regain his forgotten lifestyle as an individual in their various societies. My works speaks, not only for me, but for people who were long ago silenced. This photography work tends to address the issue of resent xenophobic attacked on foreigners in South Africa. By introducing a demonstrative act of living with peace and tranquility in our societies.

sulayman.afose@gmail.com,  mobile number : 08130979660 sulayman afose.

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