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Conceiçao, 24 years old. Single mother of one child rests at a communal laundry hanger on the central patio of the Marconi squat. São Paulo, Brazil. 2016.

Javier Alvarez

hola@javieralvarezm.com 3037460504 United States


Javier Alvarez is a Chilean documentary photographer focused on social issues and human rights in neglected communities. After completing a BFA in Photography in Santiago de Chile, Javier worked as a freelance editorial and press photographer for agencies in São Paulo, Brazil, and Santiago de Chile.

His projects have been exhibited, published, granted and/or distributed in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Italy, France, and the U.S.

In addition to his personal and commissioned work, he is a contributor to the Brazilian activist and independent journalistic platform MidiaNinja.

hola@javieralvarezm.com  1-303-746-0504
Brooklyn, NY.

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